Monday, March 14, 2011

Thrifting Again

Blouse: thrifted, Ann Taylor Loft
Skirt: thrifted, Banana Republic
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

I just had the best few days! After getting a tax refund and going out to lunch at the 101 Coffee Shop with Emily on Saturday, I spent Sunday afternoon and today with Natasha, who stayed over at our apartment last night. Yesterday Natasha and I shopped at Goodwill in Pasadena, and today we hit up ACTS Thrift Store, so I think I need to do another little haul post tomorrow if I have time to photograph everything. I spent about $20 for six items. Hell yeah!

This is what I wore to ACTS today: a blouse I found at Quality Thrift for about $3 and a skirt I traded for at Buffalo Exchange a few years ago. And my ivory Urban flats. I wear these shoes so much in the spring and summer, but sadly they are starting to wear out. I wish Urban would sell them again this year because I would get a second pair to keep in waiting for the day these fall apart.

Also, Zeus learned a new trick. Don’t you love his crossed eyes? Okay, I know it's kind of messed up that I took a photo of him like this, but seriously, Jasen was running outside to rescue him right as I was taking the photo.


  1. Ohh poor Zeus! Hahaha he's so cute!
    Loving the print on the blouse, and it looks fantastic with that skirt!
    I've had so many pairs of shoes that I wish in retrospect that I'd bought more than one pair of!
    M xo

  2. EL OH EL Zeus! Sebastian knows the same trick!

    I love this outfit, so South West somehow. And where is this ACTs place? I don't know if I know it!

  3. ACTS Thrift Store is at the corner of Hill and Locust in Pasadena, not far from where I live. We should go sometime if you feel like thrifting again! It's nice and cheap, cheaper than Goodwill. Today everything with an orange tag was 50% off, so I got a top for $1.50 and a belt for $0.50.



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