Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another Month Finished

Top: thrifted, Karen Kane
Skirt: Fei
Shoes: thrifted, Jazzberry

I’ve now kept this blog for three months. And I’ve been unemployed for three months and about a week. My last day of work at my former full-time job was December 23rd, although I’ve since had a couple of small short-term writing projects. Most of the time I enjoy being free, expecting to find another job soon enough. Sometimes I feel weird and detached from society. It’s so strange to have this much time off. Even when I was in elementary school, summer vacation didn’t last a whole three months.

In my photo for today, I’m wearing my Fei skirt from Anthropologie again. I wanted to wear this thrifted top with a red skirt, but I haven’t found the right one yet, so I figured I’d just add red shoes and lipstick to my outfit instead.


  1. This is my favorite yet! I LOVE the top and the way the red shoes bring out the colors of the flowers.

  2. I am about five months! I can't even believe it's been that long. I love the "pops of red" throughout this look!

  3. Love those shoes so much! The peep toes are lovely, and the colour! And that blouse is so cute too, lovely outfit =)

  4. This outfit looks great! I hope you find the right red skirt soon.
    Also it's nice to enjoy free time, something I have to do besides looking for a job all day.
    AND I see you have 29 members now :)

  5. I imagine that top looking lovely with a red or pink skirt, or even a black and white checkered one but I am crazy with printmixing. You look lovely, that top is love!

  6. I love your outfit and I think that is appropriate with you :)

  7. Detached? No way you've got your followers;) haha I know I guess that would be really weird having time off, but it does sound quite relaxing. I work all the time and we're opening a new waterpark at my facility so i'm EXTRA busy...come June 6th and we open the doors I'm taking a very much needed month long vacation hahaha

  8. this is absolutely beautiful - you look so classic and chic. the red lips are a perfect touch!



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