Friday, March 25, 2011

Clock Around the Sock

Top: thrifted, J. Crew
Cardigan: thrifted vintage, Atleigh
Skirt: thrifted
Socks: Forever 21
Shoes: Naturalizer

I don’t know about this skirt. I just don’t know. I’ve worn it once before, but I’m having second thoughts about it. I don’t think it’s very flattering, the more I look at it. I like my socks, though! They have clocks on them! Sort of. The design is kind of strange. There are several chains and each chain has three clocks attached to it, so they’re somewhat like pocket watches; however, with shoes on you can't tell that each chain has three clock faces, which is a good thing. Maybe Forever 21 planned it that way, who knows.

I put this outfit on for a bowling birthday party I’m supposed to go to in the OC tonight, but boy do I look like a librarian! I’m so not going to fit in. I’m also having second thoughts about showing up because it doesn’t start until 9 and I’m going to have to go alone because Jasen is in a film that’s shooting through the night...and I really hate walking to our apartment from the car alone late at night, especially after midnight. It scares the hell out of me. Ughhh! I can’t stand to be a Flaky McFlakerson, though.


  1. Oh I know that top! So So So cute! I don't think I've seen you wear the skirt before though. But I think the skirt length and color goes really well with that top.

  2. The blouse and the clock socks are too cute!

  3. i think the skirt looks beautiful on you.
    i love the socks..perfect touch to an already lovely look!

  4. Your look is lovely! And the skirt looks great!

  5. Oh, I love this outfit! I read your "About Me" section, and we have a lot in common! I worked as a movie theater employee, I love cats, and I, too, must have sweets and cookies in my house at all time! I'm loving your blog! :)



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