Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Can't Stop!

I mentioned yesterday that I had done a little thrifting and was going to create a haul post. Well, today I bought three more secondhand items from Crossroads to add to this post. I traded in a few things and got $12 in store credit that went toward my purchase, but I still ended up spending about $23 there. Eeek! Oh well, no more of this for a while. I just had to celebrate (again) getting a tax refund. Here’s what I found over the last three days...

From Goodwill:

 Anne Hall skirt, $4.99

This skirt needs to be dry-cleaned, and I’m probably going to alter it so that it falls above the knee. So maybe it wasn’t the wisest investment, but look at that print! Augh!! I HAD to buy it. It reminds me of the Regency era and Jane Austen with those Grecian silhouettes. Plus, the brand is ANNE HALL! Bahaha!

Oh, and yes, this means I no longer own 29 skirts. In fact, well, I have also purchased two other skirts since I started this blog that I haven’t worn yet. One needs to have its hem repaired, and the other is very warm wool and might not get worn until fall. However, I sold one skirt at Crossroads today...so I now have a total of 31 skirts.

Alfred Dunner sweater, $5.99

Natasha talked me into buying this by saying the boxy silhouette reminded her of 1920s flapper style. The pattern also seemed vaguely Art Deco to me, so I became attached to it and could not let it go when I was trying to pare down my pile of items at Goodwill.

Andrew St. John vintage cardigan, $5.99

I’ve been wanting a long, chunky cardigan like this to wear with dresses. I can’t believe it’s in such good condition.

fuchsia ultrasuede belt, $1.99

Just what I need for my blog: another belt! Seriously. I didn’t have one this color.

From ACTS Thrift Store:

Karen Kane top, $1.50

This top has some faint stains on the back, but I really don’t care because the colors are so soft and springy, and I love the print. I plan on wearing this tucked into my high-waisted skirts. The tag says “Dry Clean Only,” but it’s 100% rayon, so I think it should be okay if I wash it in cold water.

blue belt with gold buckle, $0.50

And yet another belt! For fifty cents!

From Crossroads:

Velvet Heart floral dress, $14

This dress is scandalously short on me, but I fell in love with the print. I figure I can wear this as a top with a skirt over it, or with a slip or thin skirt underneath, peeking out. My other idea is to make this into a romper by sewing the center of the skirt together to make legs. Does anyone know if this would work? I know hardly anything about sewing, but it seems like it would be easy enough to add a seam dividing the skirt in two.

J. Crew silk top, $8.50

A mint-colored J. Crew top in mint condition for $8.50? Of course I had to buy this.

Banana Republic sweater, $9.50

Cascading ruffles are my favorite kind, so I grabbed this immediately. I think it also might be long enough to wear with jeggings.

I should open an Etsy shop so I can continue buying clothes that I don't need.


  1. Comment repost because of a grammar crash!

    Paraphrase: Will you be my clothing buyer? I love EVERYTHING you find. And yes, you should open an Etsy shop, but try to accidentally size everything up so I can buy everything from it.

  2. Wow you did well, I really like the cardi with the flowers on it :)



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