Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mom Shorts?

Blouse: thrifted, Forever 21
Cardigan: J.J. Basics
Shorts: thrifted, Esprit
Socks: For Love 21
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction, handed down from my mom
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

I found these shorts at ACTS Thrift Store a while back and thought they were the coolest, most totally ’80s pair I’d ever come across. But maybe they’re just “mom” shorts. I love how the shape nips in at the waist and how the legs are wide, but Jasen did not like these on me. Am I crazy for liking them? Have I offically worn something “man repelling” for my blog? I didn’t get carded when I bought wine tonight at the grocery store while wearing them, so what should that tell me?

It was hot today and Jasen and I went to Disneyland in the afternoon, so I also decided that I would wear my new sunglasses for the first time. I added these to my wish list on Urban Outfitters’ website a couple months ago but didn’t want to pay shipping for them. Then they showed up in my local store, and I figured they were worth $10. 


  1. I think you shorts are cute and definantlly not Mom Shorts. You say you went to Disneyland like its a normal occurence. I would be sooo excited to go and I am really jealous. Post some photos of Disneyland for me please :)

  2. Ommmmmmmmmg, Heather! This outfit is SO COOL. I love everything about it. I wish I could pull it off! I agree with Green Tea and Cupcakes up there, you should totally do a Disneyland photoshoot!

  3. the shorts on their own are a bit momshorts, but the way you paired them is not. I didn't think OOH MOMSY when I saw this at all, it's very retro and cute :)

  4. Hah love the 'mom shorts', they look very cute with the shoes and cardigan!

  5. I agree with Annebeth, the way you put the outfit together makes it look young and very cool! especially the top and the neckline, oh and the cute shoes! I can not imagine those shorts looking as good on me!

  6. Hey, i love your cute classy look. Will definately be following to see if i can be inspired to be alittle more classy!! hehe. x

  7. Oh super cute!
    Red, white and blue love it :D

  8. No way that these awesome shorts are "mom shorts" and even if they are you sure as heck know how to rock them:)

  9. I just found your blog via someone else's blog comments and I'm glad I did. Hello!



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