Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pink Springtime

Cardigan: Susina
Tank: H&M
Skirt: thrifted
Shoes: thrifted, Naturalizer

After a lot of rain and cloudy days, it’s warm again in Southern California! I celebrated by wearing this ridiculously pink outfit and my thrifted Naturalizer wedges with no socks. I’m crazy about the print on this skirt, but I’ve realized that I need to move the hook and eye on the waistband over so that it fits me better. I can’t just wear this skirt with a top tucked in because you can see the hook and eye straining to stay closed — not cute. So the first time I wore this, I covered the waist with a belt, and now I have this cardigan over it, but I need to stop being lazy and fix the skirt.

Yeah, I know that was really interesting. Moving on, the party that I went to last night was awesome. Several of my former coworkers were there, and everyone brought the most delicious food. My friend Emily made a salad that had spring mix greens, glazed pecans, goat cheese, green apples and an asparagus vinaigrette. It was incredibly good, and of course with those ingredients, why wouldn’t it be? I’m going to have to make it now because I’m craving more of it.


  1. Love that skirt, the print is so interesting! I did a similar lots-of-pink look today, complete with a similarly printed skirt! We're on some kind of wavelength ;)
    That salad sounds so good!
    M xo

  2. You look so cute in pink! I wish it was spring here :( It's just geting into winter and freezing. I'm thinking of buying up some winter clothes from Urban on sale.

    Also, I love those sandal heels!

  3. I love pink on you, that skirt is beautiful and that salad sounds soooo good :)

  4. Hey! That outfit is NOT ridiculously pink its perfectly pink:) and uuuuuum I'm gushing over that salad! it sounds delicious! And at least you can fix the skirt hahaha I dont even know how to sew sad but true.



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