Saturday, March 19, 2011


Top: thrifted, Banana Republic
Skirt: BB Dakota
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Naturalizer

Hello! Jasen and I are about to drive to Rancho Cucamonga to visit my brothers, and we’re all planning to see Battle: Los Angeles at their local theater that charges $5 for matinees. I can’t wait! I just love a good alien invasion movie. I don’t get scared by many movies, but aliens freak me out. I’m also excited to get some candy because I had NO candy yesterday at all. The only sugary thing in our apartment right now is lemonade. I can’t live like that. So before the matinee, we’re going to the 99 cent store for some cheap sweets.  


  1. I love your hair, your blouse, your easy aesthetic and your legs!! very lovely :)

  2. I love this look, it's so easy but sophisticated..the ruffled top is absolutely adorable!

  3. LOVE this outfit, greys and black tights are my favourite!

    Omg, you have to let me know how that Battle L.A. movie is. The trailer looked so bad. I was watching with a friend online and wrote him saying, "If Los Angeles is the last stand for humanity, maybe we should just wave the flag." El oh el!

  4. Have fun at the theater. And tell us what you think of the movie. You look adorable.

  5. Hi i just stumbled upon your blog... I love this look. it's so chic and feminine. I specially like your skirt.

  6. That blouse is killer! Love it with this whole ensemble!

  7. Woww I love your blouse! It looks great with that skirt :D I hope you had fun at the movies and got lots of treats, haha!
    I just awarded you the Stylish and/or Versatile Blogger Award :D Check it out:

    M xo

  8. Ah...another black and white outfit :) and that top looks familiar ;) Love this look.



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