Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Taco Tuesday

Dress: Lovely Day
Shoes: thrifted, Hush Puppies
Bag: Tignanello, found at Marshalls

My friend Ani handed this dress down to me because she thought it made her look too young. I guess it is youthful, and I’m pretty sure I saw a contestant on America’s Next Top Model wear it or a very similar dress to panel a few cycles back, but I like it! And I usually don’t like empire-waisted dresses on me, but this one seems to work okay. Maybe it’s because of the high collar elongating the bodice.

I wore this outfit to Doña Rosa tonight for Taco Tuesday: $1.50 tacos and $2.25 margaritas! Not that I had a margarita, because I’m sure they’re mainly water, but the carne asada tacos were excellent.


  1. Cute dress lucky you getting that for a hand me down. I have Mexican night tommorow night can't wait I love Mexican.

  2. That dress is so, so cute! What a great find, Ani.

  3. That dress looks SO much better on you Heather! I'm glad you are using it :)



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