Saturday, March 26, 2011

He'll Make Her Happy

Dress: Trina Turk
Cardigan: Kersh
Socks: Forever 21
Shoes: Boutique 9

Today I went to my super-awesome friend Natasha’s bridal shower, hosted by her fabulous sister, Melissa! It was a lot of fun and there weren’t too many people there, so that really cut down on the stress and awkwardness.

For this special occasion I broke out two more items from my MyShape-employee-discount days: my reddish-orange Trina Turk dress and my angora Kersh cardigan. I mostly wanted to wear this dress because whenever I think of Natasha, I think of bright colors and I thought she would like it. She’s an animator and has the coolest style, way cooler than mine! And she should totally start a blog, even if she can’t update it very often. (Hmm...I wonder who I’m talking to at this point.)

Natasha and her fiancé, Michael, are getting married in June, and I would also like to share that a piano version of the song “He’ll Make Me Happy” from The Muppets Take Manhattan will play as Natasha walks down the aisle. I think this is the CUTEST IDEA EVER and just had to post the music below along with the lyrics in case you haven’t seen the movie or don’t remember them.

This song makes me tear up every time I listen to the music, look at the lyrics or even think about it.

He'll make me happy
Each time I see him
He'll be the reason
My heart can sing
He'll stand beside me
And I'll have everything

She'll make me happy
Each time I hold her
And I will follow
Where my heart may lead
And she'll be all
I'll ever need

Days go passing into years
Years go passing day by day
She'll make him happy
Now and forever
Until forever
Their love will grow
She only knows
He'll make her happy
That's all she needs to know
They'll be so happy
Now and forever
Until forever
Their love will grow

I only know
He'll make me happy
That's all I
need to know


  1. You look amazing! You have a great style!
    Love this song:)

  2. Guh, love that sweater, it looks great over the Tina Turk- I never would have thought of that!

    The song is so sweet too, if I was at that wedding I would probably bawl.

  3. Adorable! Just adorable!

  4. I love that cardigan so much. It looks great with the orange dress! Orange and grey are such a fantatstic colour combination :D
    ...that is definitely the cutest idea for a wedding-aisle song that I've never thought of ;)
    M xo

  5. Pretty sure that that's the perfect cardigan! It has so much subtle detail -- it's such a great not-in-your-face statement piece :)


  6. i love this outfit. it's perfect! from the bright dress to the socks, so cute! glad you had a good time at the bridal shower!



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