Thursday, March 3, 2011

Anthro Lust

I love pretend shopping on Anthropologie’s site because everything is so far out of my price range that I’m not even tempted to hit the checkout button. This was generally true even when I had a job, although a few — I’m talking fewer than 10 — beloved Anthro items crept into my wardrobe over the years.

So, since I just got their March catalogue in the mail, I decided to update my Anthro wish list and share some of my favorites here. (Also, I didn’t wear anything blog worthy today.)

The colors of this dress remind me of saltwater taffy, and I love the stripes! This was the only item in the catalogue that really caught my attention as I was flipping through. What a gorgeous summery style.

Short-sleeved sweaters are a wardrobe staple for me and I own no navy tops, so I really want this. It looks so soft and comfortable, and I love the geometric patterns. This sweater’s silhouette is somewhat similar to that of the coral Moth sweater I bought at Anthro a couple of years ago but with a higher neckline.

This is just crazy pretty and looks vintage. I could see this tucked into so many skirts, and I’d love to wear it with my high-waisted denim shorts.

Yes, the perforations are little STARS! AUGH! These are so freaking cute! I think I want these more than anything else at Anthro right now. I’ve been wanting a similar pair at Modcloth for a while, the Strolling the Stacks Heel, but I think this Anthro pair is even better — because they have STARS and a closed toe.

I bought Jasen this octopus dinner plate as part of his Valentine’s Day gift last year because he loves octopuses. He eats almost every meal off it. Well, now I want the owl De Vincennes plate to go with it so we have two of these adorable plates and I can also eat off one, although I have to say that I think the octopus version is the cutest of all of them.

Of course I had to end with a skirt. I haven’t been interested in any Anthro skirts in a long time — okay, not since last summer — but this one is divine. Look at all those beautiful colors! And it has a high waist, and an exposed back zipper, and I don’t have a lot of skirts in shorter lengths like this. And, um, it’s $198.


  1. Love the china pattern blouses so beautiful.

  2. Those shoes are sickeningly cute!!!

  3. PS: The girl in the chair looks like she's been slipped a ruffie.

  4. EL OH EL the comment above mine.

    Also I wish I exercised such Anthro willpower- though when I think about it, I think all together I have less than 10 items myself.

    I just got this catalogue the other day, soo much pretty. I loved the bugs on the home goods.

  5. I have a hard on for that pretty lady



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